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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Down Memory Lane - Ziana to Penetrate International Market 1992

Asean Projects Love with Album
By Zieman
News Straits Times

The various "Colours" of love, symbolising aspects of love, friendship, teamwork and peace - will be the theme of a new album to be launched soon. The album, Colors of Love to be released worldwide under the BMG-International label, will be produced by BMG Pacific Records of Malaysia. It features Asean talents - from the lyrics to the arrangements - the songs to be rendered by five BMG artistes from the Asean contries. They are Ziana Zain from Malaysia, Zann (Singapore), Kanakam Abhiradee (Thailand), Jo Awayan (Philippines), and Novia Kolopaking (Indonesia). According to producer-songwriter-arranger Zuriani Khalid, who was responsible for the album's name: 'Colours of Love' is not only the album's title but is also the group's name, the album's theme and the title of one of the songs. She adds: " This theme is conceptualised because of what is going on around the world, with so much hatred and war around. Hopefully, this message of love will reach everyone around the globe. This is a love-based project which emphasises the importance of love regardless  of skin colour. The 30-year old producer feels it is not impossible for Asean artistes to get international recognition. "We have the talents here. The only area we are lacking in is discipline.
From Left: Ziana, Zann, Jo, Bee and Novia
I dont think we should take a back seat. I also feel it is high time we established a certain standard of professionalism". says Zuriani, who has composed more than 50 songs. The singers, chosen by their respective record companies, will be singing mostly pop-oriented songs. This is because Zuriani finds working on such materials much easier; the songs also have a ready market. This album will mark a first Kl-born producer who spent 13 years abroad in economics and political science studies at Northern Illinois University. "I am glad the girls have fantastic chemistry. I also find their personalities just perfect for my songs". The composer has decided to let each singer render two songs. Twenty-six year old Kanakam Abhiradee (Bee), who has one solo album to her credit, sings the pop rock ballad I Am The Only One and Just Friends. Novia Kolopaking 19, will sing the ballad Dreaming Again and mid-tempo Field of Sunshine while Awayan, a seasoned club singer, will render the pop rock Dangerous Man and mid-tempo Love in Your Heart. Twenty-four-year-old Zann who has recorded one compilation album and a Mandarin album will do the pop-uptempo Singing My Heart Away and Heaven In You, a slow ballad. Ziana sing the R&B Feel Me Out and will duet on Groove Me with Jo Awayan. All five singers will join in to sing the little track Colours of Love.

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