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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ziana Zain as New Antabax's Ambassador 2010

Antabax personal care products launched its reformulated and repackaged antibacterial range and introduced its brand ambassador, award-winning singer, actress and entrepreneur, Ziana Zain who is also a wife and mother of four, at an exclusive media launch at 1Utama Shopping Centre, here, today. Antabax is a reliable and trusted range of antibacterial personal care products that promotes a healthy and hygienic lifestyle for the whole family through products that are dermatologically tested to be gentle on the most delicate skin, making it suitable for frequent daily use. The Antabax antibacterial range offers all-day 99.9% antibacterial protection and is certified ‘Halal’, giving Muslims full confidence in using it.

The brand chalked up another first by introducing its brand ambassador – award-winning mentor, singer, actress, entrepreneur, wife and mother of four, Ziana Zain.

“Ziana is representative of our core consumers, multi-faceted women and men who are knowledgeable about the products they need, concerned for the health and well-being of their families and themselves, focused on quality, value and selective when it comes to the benefits of the product, it’s presentation, fragrance and most importantly the antibacterial protection it gives the family,” Ms Foo said. “We are proud to welcome her on board as our brand ambassador!”

Ziana Zain juggles being a talented and glamorous mainstay of the entertainment industry over the past 20 years with a full family life being a hands-on wife and mother while excelling at the many demands of recording, acting, performing ‘live’, mentoring new talents and running her own business.

This mother of two active boys; Muhammad Aiman, ten and Muhammad Ammar Amin, seven and infant twins Muhammad Arrel and Siti Noor Kaseh, admits that it is not easy to balance the demands of parenthood and career, especially since her older children are increasingly independent, and her career continues to skyrocket.

“Once my eldest son turned six, I was on the look out for a better antibacterial personal care product because he is so energetic, constantly playing outside and inside with all manner of things – sand, mud, grass, pebbles and stones. At kindergarten and school, there is also the risk of infection from other children especially as the kids share toys, games and study equipment,” Ziana explained.

She had tried some other well-known antibacterial brands but the strongly medicated smell did not appeal to the family, before settling on an imported brand that was very pricey when used by a growing family.

“About two years ago I tried Antabax products at the home of one of my closest girlfriends and it felt good and smelt good. My friend recommended Antabax highly, so we tried it at our home and we have been using more Antabax products since then because of the antibacterial protection and skin vitamins that are at work to keep us healthy and free of germs,” Ziana said.

Currently Ziana, her husband and her family use the Antabax antibacterial personal care range and all of them are pleased with the quality of the product range.

“A big factor in choosing Antabax for my family is that it is Halal – I haven’t found any other antibacterial product that is. As a concerned consumer and a Muslim, I always look for and use Halal products because I feel that they are made to higher standards.”

“My husband works long hours as do I, and in the course of our work we meet many people. For us as working adults, the Antabax personal care range gives us a level of peace of mind and confidence knowing that we have all day antibacterial protection especially as flu epidemics such as A(H1N1) made us more concerned about the transmission of germs.”

Despite her status as an international celebrity Ziana is a knowledgeable consumer who looks for quality and value.

“I keep a close watch on our household budget and the products that we buy because I was raised to be thrifty and careful. Antabax offers better benefits and better value compared to other antibacterial products,” the lovely Ziana said.

Ziana admits to being very concerned with cleanliness and hygiene for herself, her family and even for her home.

“When I can’t access water, I use Antabax instant hand sanitizer for my hands, while the antibacterial wipes are always with me for everything.”

The newly introduced Antabax antibacterial hand spray for hands and surfaces won Ziana’s instant approval for its convenience and ability to kill 99.9% of germs instantly.

“It’s very easy to use and convenient to carry around in my handbag. It comes in handy for suspicious surfaces for example supermarket trolley handles, high-chairs at restaurants, table-tops, door handles and much else. Spray and wipe off, and it kills 99.9% of germs instantly,” said Ziana.

“Using Antabax gives me and my family peace of mind because it is brand that has been verified by an independent body namely JAKIM. It protects my family against germs, effectively killing 99.9% germs from hands, body and various types of surfaces. Additionally, Antabax shower cream and liquid hand soap are fortified with skin vitamins C, E, B3, B5 and B6 to nurture and moisturize skin, softening and toning it while giving my family the protection and care they need.”

“I believe that good hygiene practices begin from an early age and as a parent, I teach my children the importance of keeping clean by example. Antabax makes it easy for me because it really makes a difference that you can feel.”

Also sending Antabax greetings during the launch were Malaysian and World badminton number 1 men's double team, Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Kiat, and THR Raaga Deejay, Aanantha. Antabax took the opportunity to showcase video testimonies provided by these celebrities to share their personal experience with Antabax antibacterial products.

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