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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ziana Zain - Awards & Accolades

1984 - Winner of Bintang Selangor Singing Competition
1994 - Most Popular Supporting Actress - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)

1995 - Voice of Asia,Almathy, Kazakhstan
         - Most Popular Artiste - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Most Popular Female Singer - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Most Popular Supporting Actress - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Most Popular TV Entertainer  - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Best Vocal Performance in an Album (Female) - Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)

1996 - Golden Voice Awards - Asian Song Festival, Tokyo, Japan
         - Most Popular Artist - Singapore Music Awards
         - Most Popular Female Solo Song - Korban Cinta - Singapore Music Awards
         - Most Popular Female Singer - Anugerah Ria, RIA 89.7 FM, Singapore
         - Most Popular Film Actress - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Sexiest Female Artiste - Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Media Hiburan (APPMH)
         - Best Solo Performance - Bersama Akhirnya - Pujaan Hits 10 Nescafe
         - Best Supporting Actress - Maria Mariana - Anugerah Skrin (ASK)

1997 - Best Solo Performance - Korban Cinta - Pujaan Hits 10 Nescafe
         - Best Actress - Merah - Anugerah Skrin (ASK)
         - Most Popular Film Actress - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Best Pop Album - Puncak Kasih - Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)

1998 - Most Beautiful Artiste - Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Media Hiburan (APPMH)
         - Best Ballad Song- Puncak Kasih - Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL)
         - Best Music Video - Puncak Kasih - Anugerah Video Muzik Malaysia

2000 - People Choice 'Magazine Cover' - Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Media Hiburan (APPMH)

2002 - Best Entertainment Show - Bersama Ziana - Festival Perdana, Singapore
         - Best Ballad - Menadah Gerimis - Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL)

2003 - Choice Pop Song - Lembah Asmara - Anugerah ERA (AE)

- Choice Pop Song - Bukan - Anugerah ERA (AE)
         - Best Dressed - designer Micheal Ong - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Idol Of The Decade - Anugerah Glamor URS

- Mentor Sr4 Champion - Reality TV Competition, Mentor season 4

2012 - Best Dressed - designer Rizman Ruzaini - Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM)
         - Most Stylistic Female Celebrity (Online) - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Best Dressed - designer Zery Zambry - Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABPBH)
         - Hot Moms - Anugerah Pilihan Pembaca Media Hiburan (APPMH)


1992 - Gold Disc for album Madah Berhelah (40 000 copies) by RIM
1993 - Platinum Disc for album Ziana Zain (60 000 copies) by RIM
1995 - 3x Platinum Disc for album Setiaku Di Sini (180 000 copies) by RIM
         - Setia Ku Di Sini Album listed in Tokyo Rockin' Seven Ninjas' Music Chart
         - Malaysia Books of Record - First female Singer to Win International Competition
1996 - Platinum Disc for album Ziana Zain Unplugged (80 000 copies) by RIM
1997 - 3x Platinum Disc for album Puncak Kasih (150 000 copies) by RIM
1998 - 3x Platinum Disc for album Best of Ziana Zain (100 000 copies)  by RIM
1999 - Platinum Disc for album Ziana Zain 99 (50 000 copies) by RIM
2002 - Platinum Disc for album Aku Cintakan Mu (45 000 copies) by RIM
2003 - Listed in 20 Most Glamorous Celebrity, GLAM Magazine
2004 - Listed in 20 Most Glamorous Celebrity, GLAM Magazine
2005 - Listed in 20 Most Glamorous Celebrity, GLAM Magazine 
2007 - Pre-printed Award, 4th Asian Prints Awards, Shanghai, China, InTrend Magazine
         - Guest of Honor for FENDI Sumer Collection Fashion Show at Great Wall of China, Beijing
2010 - Invited for LOUIS VUITTON photo-shoot at Baker House, Melbourne, Australia
         - No 2 Choice Celebrity of the Year by Media Hiburan Magazine
         - Most Stylistic Celebrity -
2011 - No 10 Fastest Trend Worldwide (AJL25 performance) -
         - Top 8 Best Asia Angel Voice - (Thailand)
         - No 6 Hot Asian Moms - (United States)
         - Voted as Best Dressed at AIM18 -
2012 - No 8 Fastest trend Worldwide (ABPBH25 performance) -   

1996 - Bestowed the Bintang Perkhidmatan Cemerlang(BPC) by Sultan of Selangor
         - Awarded Selangor's Figure of Arts and Culture by Selangor Youth Council
2002 - Bestowed Darjah Sri Melaka (DSM)by TYT Negeri Melaka
2005 - Bestowed  Pingat Setia Ahmad Shah (SAP) From Sultan of Pahang
2010  - Awarded Jasa Bakti Seniman (JBS) by Yayasan Insan Melaka

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ziana Zain new film "Magika" in theater 23 Sept 2010

To all Ziana Zain fans out there, don't miss this golden opportunity.. Watch SuperDiva Ziana Zain in her new film, Magika in theater 23 September 2010. Synopsis of the story as below:

Ayu and Malik, two sibblings is going through their darkest moments of life when their beloved mother just passed away. Malik feels so depressed believing he was the main cause of his mother’s death. During one of the evenings after a fight with his sister, Malik left to take a stroll in the forest. On and on he went until he realised he was lost and the next very moment, he appeared in another dimension called Magika.

Not only had he gotten himself lost, he was captured by a Nenek Kebayan and her follower, Awang Kenit. He is now subjected to be used as an experiment by the Nenek Kebayan to produce Essence of Youth made of human child’s tears. Upon hearing Malik’s cries for help, Ayu rushed to help her brother and she too is sucked in the Magika mystical land.

Ayu had to endure various types of challenges and obstacles in finding and to save her brother in her journey in the Magika world. And so begins the encounters of both the siblings with famous Malay heroes and myths like Badang, Dragon of Tasik Chini, Nenek Kebayan, Puteri Bunian, Pak Pandir, Hang Tuah and the Warriors of Melaka, Puteri Gunung Ledang, Bawang Putih and a lot more characters. The irony of it, all these characters actually sing in their conversation with each other!

Will Ayu be able to rescue Malik and leave the mystical land of Magika? What happens to Badang, Nenek Kebayan and other characters in Magika? Will Malik be able to overcome his dilemma over his mother’s death? Come and watch Magika the movie which is destined to be a phenomenal in the local filming industry while already setting a record to be the first local musical movie and it will be reaching our cinemas in 2010.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ziana Zain as Ambassador of International Products

Selain dari menyanyi dan berlakon, Ziana Zain juga sering menjadi wajah pilihan sebagai duta untuk produk tempatan mahupun antarabagsa. Ziana mula dipilih menjadi duta produk sejak tahun 1996 lagi. Sehingga kini Ziana telah pun menjadi jurucakap kepada 11 produk tempatan dan antarabangsa. So guys, jom kita tgk produk-produk yang Ziana menjadi dutanya.

Translation : After almost 20 years in the music industry, Ziana had been chosen as spokesperson by many international and local products. Recently, Ziana and her family were appointed as spokesperson for hygiene products which is Antabax. This was the 11th products that appointed Ziana as their spokesperson.

1996 - Avon Cosmetics

1997 - NutriBeaute

1997 - Omega Watch

1999 - Head & Shoulders Syampoo

1999 - B&H Health Products

2001 - Vono Mattress, Slumberland

2003 - Brilliant Rose

2003 - L'Oréal

2004 - Slimworld Beauty House

2004 - Nutrimetics Cosmetics and Skincare

2010 - Antabax

Menjadi jurucakap produk juga telah banyak melakar sejarah buat Ziana. Antaranya, Pada tahun 2005, Ziana dengan kerjasama Nutrimetics telah mengeluarkan minyak wangi jenama Truly skaligus menjadikan Ziana satu-satunya artis di Malaysia yang mempunyai signature perfume. Malah, pada tahun 2010 pula, Ziana telah melakarkan sejarah apabila menjadi duta produk paling lama iaitu 10 tahun bagi produk VONO. Ziana Zain juga disenaraikan antara artis yang paling banyak menjadi jurucakap produk.

Translation :
With Nutrimetics, Ziana had launched her first signature perfume at once making her the first Malaysian artist who has its own perfume. Besides, Ziana also had been an ambassador for Vono Mattress for 10years, the achievement that no other singers in Malaysia ever did it before. Now let see what product that Ziana been their spokesperson.